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Discover Fusion Art in LES

Our city, particularly the Lower East Side, is known in the art scene for bending the rules, setting the stride, and making the impossible a reality. Contemporary art is at it’s best here, unpretentious, reflective of the people, and incorporates a new spin on 21st-century pieces: Fusion Art.

This new artistic movement combines multidisciplinary genres and is the first art form of its kind that showcases our global culture’s ever-changing relationship with modern technology. Fusion Art is raw, elemental, chaotic, but also compelling and inspiring in an entirely visceral way.

FusionArt Museum is a pioneer of Fusion Art. This museum and gallery is located only a few blocks from our hotel and is the first space of its kind dedicated entirely to the creation and preservation of Fusion Art in New York City. The museum is well worth a visit and guarantees to challenge your perception and dazzle your senses.

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